Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Leave your skin feeling healthy, youthful, and revived. These non-surgical treatments can help to restore the health of your skin and minimize the occurrence and damage caused by acne.

Acne Treatments

These non-surgical treatments can help to restore the health of your skin and minimize the occurrence and damage caused by acne.

Blue LED Light Therapy Acne and Rosacea Facial

Blue photo-therapy is approved by the FDA for treatment of acne. Our blue light handpiece emits 420nm blue light. Porphryin, a compound generated by the P. acnes bacteria (a known causative agent of acne), is photosensitive and reacts to blue light (405-440nm). Blue light therapy is an alternative for patients who do not respond well to antibiotic therapy or who develop problematic side effects. It can be safely used for those on Accutane or Retin-A, as well as for treating redness associated with rosacea and other skin conditions too sensitive for microdermabrasion or chemical peels.
55 minutes $115.00 Buy Wish

Acne Control LED Booster

30 minute LED booster treatment
30 minutes $50.00 Buy Wish


Commonly referred to as the lunchtime peel. Provides a deep exfoliation and helps reduce fine lines, acne scarring and hyperpigmenation. Includes full facial.
60 minutes $125.00 Buy Wish
Series of 3 (prepaid) $199.00 Buy Wish 

Vitamin A Acne Peel

Helps to decongest skin that suffers with thick, oily, and blocked pores.
A thorough cleanse is followed with steam and enzymes to soften debris prior to extractions. The vitamin A peel is applied and remains on your skin for several hours before you remove it at home. Your skin therapist will help you determine the appropriate removal time for you.
45 minutes $55.00 Buy Wish

Glycolic Acne Facial

Calms and clears skin of acne and redness. Steam and enzymes are used for deep pore cleansing prior to the application of a 30% glycolic peel. This gentle alpha-hydroxy exfoliation helps purge the skin of old, dead cells to release blocked sebum. Gentle extractions are performed prior to the application of a therapeutic tea tree alginate mask which calms and soothes with natural antiseptic properties. (Mild flaking and peeling may occur post treatment.)
60 minutes $95.00 Buy Wish

Clarifying Back Treatment

Our Clarifying Back Treatment goes far beyond most you've encountered. After a deep cleansing and invigorating enzyme scrub, we include microdermabrasion to give the back a tremendous exfoliating treatment. It's the one place we really can't reach in the shower! Extractions are included if needed and a hand mixed, organic clay mask is used to tighten, tone and clarify leaving your skin touchably soft and silky.
55 minutes $99.00 Buy Wish

Echo2 Oxygen Acne Facial

This treatment is specifically designed to control acne with special solutions of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and peptides. The nutrients are infused directly into the skin with pressurized oxygen flooding the epidermis with natural oxygen and selected combinations of nutrients and peptides. This stimulates healing and increases skin strength and boosts regeneration of the skin.
50 minutes $95.00 Buy Wish

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