Your relaxing or deep tissue therapeutic massage is performed by a state licensed professional massage therapist with accredited courses to soothe out trigger points, reduce stress, and relieve pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Combining deep tissue and Swedish techniques with custom aromatherapy blends, this massage relieves pain and muscle tension while promoting relaxation.
30-Minute Upper Body Experience $35.00 Buy Wish
Full Body 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage: First Visit $64.99 Buy Wish
Full Body 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage: First Visit $89.99 Buy Wish

You can also upgrade to hot stone massage, deep heat therapy massage or an aromatherapy massage for only $25.00 more.

Maternity Massage

Much needed relaxation for the mother-to-be. A soothing, gentle massage to help relieve stress on the back and joints, reduce neck and hip pain, promote circulation and relieve edema. Safe and calming for baby too!
60 minutes $88.00 Buy Wish

Hot Stone Massage

Along with a therapeutic massage, you will enjoy hot stones to melt away aches, pains, and stress. Hot stones promote a deep relaxation, improve circulation and relieve chronic pain.
60 minutes $88.00 Buy Wish

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